Welcome to the carousel museum

Whether you have a fond interest in art, American History, woodcraft, or simply enjoy the excitement of the carousel, we have something special for you. At any age, our guests can share in the enjoyment of a visit to the Carousel Museum.

The Museum is proud to house one of the largest collections of antique carousel pieces in the country. You can experience the “Golden Age of the Carousel” on your own, or with our tour guides who will share with you the colorful history and development of the hand-carved animals that have found their place in America’s rich folk art history.


Museum Spring Hours:

Mon. - Sat. 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Disneyland Paris: tips for organizing and optimizing your visit

Planning to go to Disneyland Paris? alone, as a couple, with friends, with family, whatever it is you absolutely have to take note of more than useful information!

Whether you spend a day or a stay, know that your visit to Mickey is getting ready.

It might seem like the opposite of the magic that surrounds this release, but if you don’t want to have a miserable experience, you better read on.

Let’s talk little, let’s talk well.

You will not escape the fact that at Disneyland Paris there are two recurring criticisms: the prices, the queues. Either you have already experienced it or it has been reported to you.

I can confirm it to you, it’s expensive, it’s full of people. And in very low season, weekdays in January / February, it is the palisade festival for the rehabilitation work.

The prerequisites before your visit

Before setting foot in the parks, you must prepare for your visit . Yes, I’m rambling, but I’m going to hammer home this message and prove to you that this is the way not to be disappointed.

Disneyland Paris is 15 million visitors per year, 15,000 direct employees, 2,230 hectares.

And you in all this? Well you will be well headed, sucked in by the crowd, and you will probably get tired, turn tack, walk, get tired of queues, hallucinate about prices, and above all lose the magic of the place.

Where to buy your entrance tickets?

Certainly not on D-Day at the ticket office. This is exactly the last place to get them. Unless you like to pay the highest price.

Check with your CE if you don’t have advantageous rates.

Ask your relatives if they have Annual Passes and would like you to benefit from the “friends tickets” at 35 €.

Otherwise, as there is still a majority of people who can not take advantage of previous situations, take advantage of the offers that you find on s n the website of Disneyland Paris , the rates are lower than those offered at the counter. Currently you can take advantage of the MINI (49 €) or MAGIC (64 €) (depending on your date) prices for ONE park, and 20 € more for TWO parks, i.e. the child price instead of the adult price.

Where to book your stay?

The machine is well established. It is impossible to visit both parks (the “classic” Disneyland Park, the Walt Disney Studios park), do all the attractions, see all the shows and the parade in one day. Depending on the constitution of your group or family, you will quickly understand that it is “advantageous” to stay two or even three days. The simulations will show you that the difference between one night and two in a hotel disneyland paris is very small. Disney knows ahead of time that your stomach will need to be filled, so that more than makes up for it in its favor.

The “early booking” on the Disneylandparis.fr site allows for a 35% reduction in the overall price and free admission for children under 12.

The parking

It will be the cold shower for motorists coming in the day (if you stay in one of the Disney hotels, you leave your vehicle in the parking lot of the said hotel for free).

At the Disney car park toll, called Toll Plaza, you will have to pay 30 €. Welcome to Picsou! You might as well know it!

You can reduce the cost by parking at the Indigo car park (also known as the Disney Village car park ) whose 24 hour rate is 24 € . As places are limited, you can consult the occupancy rate live on the Park Indigo website .

Where to eat ?

The food offer has improved overall but don’t expect fabulous unless you are not spending a lot of money and take Walt’s, the California Grill, and a notch below the Auberge de Cendrillon as a canteen.

On the Disneyland Paris site, you can quietly look at the types of catering offered (fast food, buffet, table service, presence of characters), menus, prices, locations, closures. If you have a special diet (allergy, vegan …) take the time to look. Discover the entire catering offer .

Les fast pass

You will not escape it, even in low season, it is pleasant to take advantage of the fast passes .

Several types of fast pass exist. Free tickets are available at the terminals in front of the attractions concerned. You must return at the indicated time.

If you stay in a Club room (Golden Forest Club at Sequoia Lodge, Compass Club at Newport Bay Club, as standard at Disneyland Hotel, I voluntarily omit the Empire State Club at New York Hotel since this hotel is closed for one year of work) you will have per person and per day ONE Hotel Fast Pass valid at any time of the day.

If you are in a Suite at Sequioa Lodge, Newport Bay Club, Disneyland Hotel) or at the Castle Club (Disneyland Hotel), you will have VIP fast passes that give you unlimited access to attractions with a Fast Pass line, without worrying about 'imposed schedules.

Character meetings (free, with and without reservation)

Hug your favorite hero, strike a pose with boss Mickey, curtsy a princess, are you kicking?

In both parks you will have the opportunity to meet the characters.

Some are open access .

At Disneyland Park, they are located in Town Square (just at the entrance on the left, the yellow house), at the end of Main Street (on the left and on the right) but also in the lands. You can locate them using the map and the app.

You will just have to wait your turn.

At the Princesses Pavilion , you will have a sign indicating the rotations. So no need to wait 1 hour (and I’m nice, it could be a lot more!) To see Snow White if you wanted to see Aurora.

Mickey is waiting for you at Meet Mickey. As with the Pavilion, you will need to be patient, fortunately both premises are closed. In winter you will be warm, in summer you will have air conditioning.

At the Studios, at the entrance you will be guaranteed to meet Mickey’s friends. At Toon’s (right next to Crush) you will see others.

And there it is gate with the meetings with reservation. You must be informed beforehand that it is necessary to download the Lineberty app in the App Store or on Google Play ) to have a bowl not possible to have wifi and be faster than others to get a date with the characters most requested. Courage!

Each character is accompanied by a photographer who offers his services for the PhotoPass + (69.99 €) , but he will be happy to take a photo with your phone or camera. Of course he will still hand you a card in case you want to buy the photo.

The New England Carousel Museum
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